Paying Attention: Cologne, Ushaw and Walsingham

  Across the past 30 days I’ve been to Cologne, London, Durham, Epworth, Clumber Park, Lincoln, Stoneleigh Abbey, back to Cambridge, out to Norfolk (including South Creake, Wells, Castle Acre and Walsingham), and back to Cambridge again. In all those plane, train, and automobile hours I’ve thought a lot about where and how a sense… More Paying Attention: Cologne, Ushaw and Walsingham

Comper at St Ives

In 1894, the vicar of St Ives, Cambridgeshire (then Huntingdonshire) invited a young Ninian Comper to provide a new rood screen and organ for All Saints church. Comper drew inspiration from East Anglian rood screens, the late Victorian medievalist screens by his mentors G. F. Bodley and Thomas Garner, and the organ at King’s College,… More Comper at St Ives

Revival: Identities, Memories, Utopias

In October 2015, Courtauld Books Online published a new online peer-reviewed book. Revival: Memories, Identities, Utopias grew out of a project I led in order to chart the phenomenon of revivalism in the arts at the Courtauld Institute’s Research Forum in 2012. It was my first postdoctoral fellowship, I always hoped the project could become a publication, and… More Revival: Identities, Memories, Utopias

Calmly, Joyously, Recklessly: Writing Summer

‘All poetry is that. Suddenly, you see something.’ Louis Zukofsky’s lines about sudden clarity are both liberating and anxiety-provoking. Why can’t the something be summoned? How best to wait for it? It will happen, somehow. This summer, more than previous ones in my academic life, is a summer of writing. Serious writing. Every day I sit at my… More Calmly, Joyously, Recklessly: Writing Summer

The Queen of May

In 1865, Julia Margaret Cameron started to work with 15 x 12 inch photographic plates to create her haunting images of what Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry titled Famous Men and Fair Women. Cameron’s allegorical work has been an important aspect of my own research on Victorian music and visual culture, and I’ve also been thinking about… More The Queen of May